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i was at the stadium last week, its really good and a lot better than barnsley for sure. Too many police on horses but the game was good and the stadiums top class.

J Swift

I can only say that new York stadium is the most dreadful name you could possibly have come up with????" Legend has it that's what the area was called?" where's the relevance to Rotherham? " the foundry" would have least had ties to the area. I lived there for twenty years and never heard new York mentioned???

M Barrowclough

i have lived in canklow all my life and i have never heard ANYONE call any area of rotherham new york i think they just made it up.

P. Williams

Great video but felt I just needed to point out the facts about the area New York. The area the land is built on IS in New York hence the stadium name. It is not legend or hearsay that this is name of the area. It is New York now and has always been New York as far back as any maps I've looked at. A quick look at any A/Z map book past or present will show the area's name written exactly where the stadium now stands.

D. Hodgkinson

Guys, the fire hydrant stuff has nothing to do with the name of the area. It has historically been known as New York, look at any ordnance survey map of Rotherham and the name is there. There were houses and a pub called the New York Tavern back in the early 1900's before industry took over the area.


Hi Lucy, we believe it is called 'New York' stadium due to the fire hydrants that were once produced on this site and exported to New York.


why is this stadium called `new york'? what's the link? Photos remind me of the building of the Eifel Tower.


nice football stadium pics guys thanx for the work.

M. Johnsty

nice stadium. cant wait to get in there.

John T.